Part 1: Shop car getting upgrades!

The shop car is getting some upgrades added and maintenance work completed.  To be honest, we couldn’t wait to tear into this work of art!  The car has 23,000 miles on it and has seen one track day this year and hopefully VIR! We have been impressed with how well the car has performed and the amazing durability it has. Unfortunately, there is usually a weak spot somewhere in even the most splendidly engineered vehicles. On the GT3s and Turbos, the factory coolant pipes are glued.  With age, the likelihood of them becoming dislodged is high.  You can address this issue with two steps; pinning the pipes, and on the 997.1 turbos replacing the plastic fittings with the upgraded Sharkwerks aluminum pieces.  These parts can be found here:  Below are some of the weak spots for the car.


Known issues:

  • Aluminum coolant pipe inserts detaching. (Pin with bolts)
  • Plastic coolant pipes failing. (Replace with Sharkwerks)
  • Slave cylinder failure. (GT2 upgrade)
  • Fuel regulator vacuum line detaching. (Ziptie fitting)


Another few preventative wear items we chose to replace included the cam position sensors, water-pump, thermostat, slave cylinder (GT2 upgrade) spark plugs, gear box fluids, engine oil, and any leaks we found. Here is the first part in the task.  Below, we have attached photos for your viewing pleasures!








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