Shop car to GT2 CUP!

We have been hard at work over the past week working on the shop car! Currently, we are using it as our first test car for vehicle wraps in collaboration with Salem Detailing, our sister company. The car will be wrapped orange with carbon fiber accents. Along with the new wrap, we are adding CUP front and rear bumpers with quick release latches. We modified uprights from a 996 GT3 CUP to be fitted to our decklid, made winglets for it, adding front fender flares, dive planes, and new exhaust system for it! Check out the progress pics below!

39572588_236913690500330_6096398183351451648_n 39585276_301885130392747_5207037205129723904_n 39605690_2192380930996400_8164067264383942656_n 39913616_2250664138553351_33220176170188800_n Image-20.png Image-21.png Image-22.png Image-23.png

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