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Ferrari F430 Door Lock Issue Explained

Ferrari 360 & F430 Door Lock Issue Explained

We have discovered there is an issue with the Ferrari 360 and F430 door lock cycling. This Ferrari 360 & F430 door lock issue has been mentioned quite a bit on forums and videos, so we have decided to explain how to fix this issue yourself. Below is a 30 minute video on why it happens and how you can fix it your self. You will need to replace the door latch mechanism of the door that is not responding. The problem lies in the door latch not returning to the rest position which means it will not allow the lock to lock or unlock. If you have any more questions please comment below or email us directly at


Ferrari F430 Common Problems

The Ferrari F430 has quite possibly bottomed out with regard to its current market value.  The vehicle has become increasingly more available on the second hand market and the majority of these vehicles can be found for less than $100,000.00.  Therefore, we have put together information on the Ferrari F430’s most common problems to be aware of when buying this car.  The following list for the Ferrari F430 weak points is not an exhaustive list of items; rather, we want to inform you about the most common issues that can drastically affect price. Read more