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Ferrari F430 conversion

Ferrari F430 conversion

We offer conversions for a variety of sports cars, we currently have one of the best technicians in the world that specializes in converting Ferraris F430 to a 6-speed manual transmission. The F430 may have been discontinued in 2009, but their value has only gone up.  Ferrari no longer makes the factory parts needed, so having our own NEW kits means we don't have to use used parts.

Our 6-speed manual conversion kit is made out of billet aluminum which is an upgrade to the factory shift box. The factory shift box has plastic bushings that wear out and make the shifter loose.

HBI Auto has perfected the process and can return your car in the fastest possible time.

Get More for Your Money

When you convert your Ferrari F430 to a 6-speed manual transmission, the cost of the conversion will return a 2x increase in value! And the best part is - The conversion is 100% reversible.

Benefits of our Manual Conversions

The F1 system is the Achilles heel of the F430 and often has failures. The 6-speed manual conversion removes 90% of the system so the chance of any failure with the system is extremely low. The only part of the system that remains is the F1 pump for the E-Gear.

  • We are able to program the car with the factory ECU's so all features of the manettino switch work.
  • We reprogram the cluster so there are no lights on it.
  • The clutch life is much longer on the manual cars because there is minimal clutch slip compared to the F1.
  • We have converted 1 of only 2 430 Scuderias in the world.

Convert your dream car today

HBi Auto offers 6-speed manual conversions for Lamborghini, Ferrari and more.  All you need to do is contact our friendly staff .

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