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Mocksville, NC

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HBi Auto Financing and Auto Loans


Welcome to HBi Auto's financing and automotive loan site. As your trusted name for exotic pre-owned vehicles in the Charlotte area, as well as the rest of the Tri-State region of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, we work toward providing you with a top-tier approach to helping you get the financing you need to own the right luxury or sports car for you.

Interested in learning even more about how we can help you acquire the loan you need to drive home in a stunning luxury vehicle today? Then set aside as few minutes of your day to meet with the finance group here at HBi Auto, so you can garner a deeper understanding of how we handle everything related to premium vehicle loans. Once you are up to speed with the complete scope of what we have to offer when it comes to financing, you can move forward with confidence and pride realizing that nothing can stop you from enjoying the exotic car of your dreams.

Why Securing a Loan with HBi Auto Is Always the Right Call

For those of you who are ready to consider the next step in the financing process, it is a smart idea to break down exactly why working out a loan with HBi Auto is always the right call. The big notion to go over at this crossroads is that no other group of self-proclaimed industry leaders can bring to you the kind of industry-leading automotive financial products related to exotic cars available here at HBi Auto.

In particular, working with our finance team means taking advantage of:

  • Useful Bonds with the Best Financiers — Building lasting relationships with the best lenders, both locally and nationally, means you can select from a multitude of alternatives as you find the best loan.
  • Willingness to Hunt down the Most Agreeable Loan for You — Sometimes, scoring the lowest rate on your auto loan takes a proactive stance on the negotiation process. Thankfully, our team is prepared to negotiate on your behalf and secure a loan that gives you the tools for success.
  • A Track Record of Worthwhile Deals — By laying claim to a substantial amount of automotive industry expertise on our side, you can trust firmly in the notion that the entirety of our auto loan team has the skills required to successfully lead you through this sometimes uncertain and complex process.

When it is all said and done, there is no denying HBi Auto is the top option when it comes to getting you paired up with the perfect luxury autmobile — and the right loan to go with it.

Can I Apply for Financing with No Money up Front?

For those in Mocksville Lake Norman, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and everywhere in between who want to get financed without paying any money up front, you will be impressed to learn that our professionals can make this desire happen. On top of all this, adding in the choice to skip over payments for anywhere between 30 and 60 days is also available when deciding upon no-money-down financing.

To get the ball rolling on this front, we do require some additional info from you in relation to your financial situation and options. If you are interested in what it takes to to leverage the power of this no money down option, set aside a few minutes and connect with our staff of trustworthy auto financing professionals when you can at 336-978-8818.

Guaranteeing You Have All of the Items Needed to Get a Loan

As far as what you need to bring when you stop by HBi Auto (or complete our straightforward and secure digital credit application), we recommend bringing the following items with you to guarantee the process comes through as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Social security number
  • Driver's license
  • Homeownership documents
  • Proof of employment
  • Any additional documentation for potential co-applicants and/or cosigners

Digging a little deeper, each shopper has specific needs and comes from his or her own unique background, so it is far from wrong to reach out to the loan and financing group here at HBi Auto by dialing 336-978-8818 first before you set aside some time from your busy daily agenda and sign off on a meet-up.

How Do I Get Started?

At this point, you are clearly ready to start sorting through your options on financing a pre-owned luxury or exotic vehicle from HBi Auto. With this in mind, we would like to request that you take a few minutes and fill out our straightforward and safe credit application by selecting the button below. Once we receive this data, our industry-leading credit and loan staff will start collating data related to the finance deals for you. From here, we will reach out and bring you up to speed on how best to take advantage of these exemplary pricing deals.

Thanks again for stopping by HBi Auto, and we look forward to connecting you with the best auto loan offers in the Charlotte and Mocksville area soon!

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