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Mocksville, NC

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82 Sports Cars in Stock

Sports Car Service Center in North Carolina

Complimentary pick up and delivery within 60 miles!

When we’re talking about vehicles from brands like Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini, we’re talking about vehicles that are finely tuned to offer peak performance. A car doesn’t get to that level of automotive perfection by accident. Each vehicle is expertly crafted with the parts and configurations necessary to deliver some of the most thrilling driving experiences available around the world.

This means that service should be done only by those who know such vehicles best, and you’ll find such automotive experts here at HBi Auto, serving drivers around Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Mocksville. There’s no need to delay service finding the right team to take care of your vehicle… you’ve found us. We make vehicle service quick and painless, while ensuring the job gets done right.

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The relationship between a Greensboro car owner and a mechanic is a special one. It’s a partnership in the art and science of automotive repair. Sports car repair in North Carolina is what we’re ready for. Why are we the people for the job? Here are some reasons:

1. We’ve got the expertise you need. An average mechanic knows a little bit about foreign car repair in North Carolina, but we specialize in foreign car repair. Come take your Ferrari, Lamborghini, or other exotic vehicles to the team that knows them like nothing else.

2. You can schedule service online! How convenient is that? Don’t get on the phone and wait on hold when you can just fill out a form and get it taken care of completely online!

3. How about parts? We’ve got a great selection of parts for all varieties of luxury vehicles. A luxury vehicle isn’t truly yours until you’ve customized it the way you see fit. With our parts team, we’ll get your supercar looking exactly how you want it.


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